Always Take Bad Advice


You can only learn so much by only taking advice that you think is good. If you think it’s good you already understand the advice and you aren’t gaining anything. You become mentally stagnant because you never take a moment to consider something that sounds like bad advice might actually be good advice you just don’t understand. That, even if it’s bad it might be just what you need.

There is an endless amount of knowledge one can learn through experience but if you limit yourself to only what you think makes sense then how much are you really getting out of each experience? Odds are that the things you don’t yet know will probably sound like bad advice. Frankly, most advice is bad advice, but if you take some losses following advice that sounds bad, you might learn things you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. It may be bitter at times and sure it might get you into trouble but at the end of the day I’d bet you’ll have grown more as an individual than you would have taking the ‘good‘ advice. Just from taking that bit of bad advice.


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